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Friday, August 29, 2008

Might be nothing left....

I'm going to say it now, I don't agree with Shawn Merriman's decision to play this year instead of getting his knee worked on. I think it's just too much to risk since he's so talented. I like the guy quite a bit; I don't know if he'd be all that much fun to sit around and have a beer with, but I sure like how he goes out there and crushes opposing QBs (especially Andrew Walter, since that goober should have never been starting over Tuiasosopo).

But I'll admit I might be wrong about Merriman. I didn't think that Steven Jackson was going to play before the mid point in the season, but he totally broke down in his holdout. And I'm totally fine with that, since I don't think that players should have the option to hold out. If you sign a contract, you should play through it and let your play dictate how much you get paid. Put up or shut up. Just imagine if Joey Galloway was still playing for Seattle, and instead of Hasselbeck's favorite target being a broken down old man it was a speedy as hell old man who could really stretch the field (and also catch the ball). How much further could the Hawks have gotten in the playoffs these past few years? We'll never know since players get to play their little holdout games.

I'm just sayin'... think about it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, I love the above commercial since it's got the music from Last of the Mohicans. I don't think the commerical was directed by Michael Mann, which I've read in a couple places, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was since him and I share the same birthday. Apparently so does Christiano Ronaldo, but he doesn't make movies. Or commercials.

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