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Friday, August 29, 2008

The problem with monopolies....

The problem with monopolies is, when they aren't the board game, they end up not working well for the user.

Take Comcast's recent decision to cap internet usage. They say that most customers only use one tenth of their proposed limit, and that they aren't implementing a pay-per-use system. I say, if different levels of usage equate to different fee amounts being charged to the end user, that's a pay per use system.

I don't know how much internet I use each month. It's probably not 250 GB, but I don't know since that's not reported to me. And I shouldn't have to know. If Comcast is unable to keep up with the demand of its users, then they need to cut their ridiculous advertising budget and put that money into improving their infrastructure. Them wasting my money by advertising Comcast Digital Cable to me as I'm watching my overpriced Comcast Digital Cable is stupid. There should be no issues on Comcast's part with providing me service. More accurately, there should be no issues providing me service which meets or exceeds my expectations.

For a monopoly which is very much disliked by the majority of its users, I can't believe the free pass that they're given by the government. Where are our elected officials in all of this? Are they too busy fundraising? Probably. Maybe they're at the DNC. I'd check, but that might put me over my internet usage cap, and I don't want to do that. How is it that Comcast is able to run around unchecked and do things like this? The electeds are the one's who've decided to allow Comcast its monopoly, and they're also the ones who should be checking Comcast when they announce stupid things like increasing their already ludicrous fees for people who... use their service.

Wouldn't it be interesting if providing cable service was the duty of a GSE?



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