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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why does NBC have to screw up the Olympics?

In college football the East Coast Bias plagues fans here on the west coast every year. Now, inexplicably, NBC has taken the East Coast Bias and applied it to the Olympics.

As I finished watching the Argentina v Australia soccer game on USA HD Network, I flipped over to NBC to see the USA v China basketball game just starting. When I flipped back to USA to see what event was on next, I saw a recap of the B-Ball game that was just starting on NBC. Then, getting online to write about it, the game is the frontpage main article on Yahoo.

But on NBC the event is just beginning.

Why do they have to screw up Olympics coverage? Who cares what time the events start? We should be able to see stuff as it happens on NBC (the main US Olympics coverage network), since I can change the channel or pull events up on the internet and see them in real time.

Why doesn't Comcast carry CBC in HD? Their Olympic coverage is ALWAYS better than NBC, and this would have been a good time to have added that channel to the lineup.



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