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Friday, August 22, 2008

WipEout HD is coming....

I've been waiting for this game for some time now, and it's getting closer!

The original WipEout was one of the first games I got when I bought my PlayStation. It was an incredible game at the time, and really showed how awesome the system was. Then came WipEout XL, which is how the US was introduced to Red Bull. Literally. That game was even better than the first, and might be the best game in the series. I've been trying to find a Japanese version for the Saturn (which is one of the rarer Saturn games), just for completeness. When WipEout 3 came out, I was enthusiastic about it, but the game didn't blow me away. I do remember loving the soundtrack though (like with the other games), and often just played the game as a CD. I didn't play WipEout 64 since I hated the N64, but I think I bought it.

When WipEout moved on to the PS2, as WipEout Fusion, I liked the game but it did not do all that well critically. It certainly wasn't as great as the early installments in the series, but was still fun to play and nice to look at.

As the PSP was coming out, Sony decided to bring the WipEout series back, this time in the form of WipEout Pure. It was a launch title, and was one of the games I knew I had to have on the PSP. It's a ton of fun, especially for a game you can take anywhere. Recently the sequel, WipEout Pulse, was released to the PSP. I haven't played Pulse yet, but it's had good reviews, and on top of that, how could it be bad? It's a WipEout game!

Now with HD on the horizon, I just can't wait. Hopefully they enable remote play for it, and I'll be able to play it on my PSP or PS3.

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  • Thanks for sharing the trailer, Jason. Today it was announced the game would be just $20, so this is really is a steal now.

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