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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greedy Microsoft strikes again....

Today Samurai Shodown 2 hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. When the release was announced last week, it was priced at 400 Microsoft points, which is equal to about $5. I was pumped.

I got up this morning, read that the game was actually live as of now on the marketplace, then saw that MS decided they wanted $10 for the game.


Did you know that a Gold subscription to Xbox Live costs $50 per year? Did you also know that Xbox Live is plastered all over the place with advertising, which generates a substantial amount of revenue? Why should I pay $10, on top of my stupid subscriber fees, for a 14 year old game? The damn Anthology is coming out next month, and is going to be $30 for 6 games 7 games, and if you want you can get a portable version!!

I'm not the only one who doesn't like being misled. All the comments on Major Nelson's blog are asking why the price was doubled, and saying that we're not going to do it. The Xbox Forums for the game are the same. I'm sure many others places have the same discussions going on.

Like many others, I was looking forward to giving MS $5 for a cool old school game, which would while away a little time for me, and would be one of the few things that my dying Xbox could actually play. Now they've taken that from me. Microsoft has stolen Samurai Shodown from me.

Now I'm even more enthusiastic about getting the Samurai Shodown Anthology for my PSP. Long live Sony.

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