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Sunday, September 28, 2008

RIP Paul Newman....

Paul Newman, who was a great racing enthusiast as well as a great actor, passed away this weekend. He will be greatly missed. Cool Hand Luke, which is sitting on my DVR, will be getting an in-memorium viewing soon.

Among the causes that Newman was affiliated with, one of them hasn't received much press in the news reports.

The Hole in the Wall Camps, a group of camps for kids with serious illness, was started by Newman in 1988, and now has many camps throughout the world. These camps provide a summer camp experience for kids who, in many cases, have spent their entire life in a hospital. The newest member (to be) of the Hole in the Wall Camps recently opened here in Washington, Camp Korey. Camp Korey is named in memory of Korey Rose, who lost his life to cancer. The camp is designed for kids with chronic or life-threatening illness. It's in Carnation, at the Carnation Farm. This last summer Camp Korey had two sessions, and next year they plan on a large expansion of their services. Camp Korey, as well as the other Hole in the Wall Camps, are free of charge for the kids who go there. I've been to Camp Korey, and seen the impact that it, and other camps like it, have on the kids there. It's really neat to see kids who have it tough, so happy.

Of all of the accomplishments Newman achieved, I would posit that none are better or more important than the creation of the Hole in the Wall Camps, and the positive impact those camps have had on many kids lives. I've seen his films, I've seen the Newman/Haas team compete, and I've seen a Hole in the Wall Camp, and of the three, the camp is many times better and more important than the others.

When you think of Mr. Newman, take a moment to consider volunteering or donating to Camp Korey or one of the other Hole in the Wall camps. You'll be glad that you did.

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