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Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're doomed....

Republicans have left Americans out to dry by stalling the bailout legislation.

Friday morning might yield the biggest single-day drop in Dow Jones history. Seriously. With the collapse of WaMu and the stalling of the bailout legislation, it's going to be bad.

Where's John McCain's leadership? Or President Bush? Who is allowing these idiot Republicans to ruin our economy?

The bailout had been tweaked to a point where it made good sense. It was going to be phased in, there was going to be oversight, the executive pay issue was going to be addressed, and the government was going to take an equity stake in the participating banks. So what's the issue? Apparently the Republicans are afraid a bailout brings us too close to Socialism.

What a bunch of idiots. This small group will wipe out billions from the savings and wealth of Americans tomorrow morning. Congrats.

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