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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Xbox Deathwatch Day 218....

Disc drive still doesn't work. Xbox sits there, plugged in, but not really living.

Call of Duty 4 is calling my name.

Halo 3 is calling my name (title update and the DLC I haven't gotten around to getting).

Army of Two is calling my name.

BF: Bad Company is calling my name.

Even Half Life 2 (mostly because of the start up of Black Mesa. It's safe, no really...) is calling my name.

I am DYING for some FPS action. It got so bad yesterday that I popped in Resistance: Fall of Man. I remembered liking that game quite a bit when it first came out, but yesterday it just wasn't getting the job done. I'm still looking forward to the sequel though.

My withdrawl situation has gotten so bad that I decided to get back into PC gaming, which will require a new PC. So I went and put together all the parts I needed for a pretty sweet and affordable rig which could have ran Crysis at the highest settings (influenced by the Ultra Crysis Warhead build). The set up I put together even came with a copy of Crysis, one of the games I've been jonesing for!

Then, just as I was about to click the order button and get all that stuff shipped to me, the US financial system fell apart, and it became clear that now is a good time to have cash on hand, not gaming hardware (since I can pay rent with cash, not pc parts). Damn sub-prime mortgage meltdown!! I feel like I can now classify myself as a victim of the meltdown. Institutions and borrowers who decided that lax underwriting criteria was a good idea, and were cool with it, have prevented me from playing Crysis. And Crysis Warhead. And Red Alert 3.

I'm not happy. And my Xbox 360 still doesn't work.

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