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Sunday, November 02, 2008

This is why I can't buy GH: World Tour....

On top of stuff like the KFC advertising, Activision had to go and cross the line.

Pay-Rod is advertising Guitar Hero: World Tour. So not only am I retired from Guitar Hero, but now I hate Red Octane. I should go out and buy Rock Band 2 just to spite them.

Do advertising companies take things like this into account when they decide on people to put into ads? What if they had an ad for this game running in Cleveland which featured Ichiro? Would people there flock to buy they game? They might as well have put Richie Sexson in this ad for the Seattle market! He probably would have had more traction than Pay-Rod. And don't even get me started on having Kobe in a commercial being featured in the Seattle market.

Stupid ad companies.

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