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Thursday, December 04, 2008

This one's free....

All right, San Diego, this one's free but the next one will cost you.

The reason your football team sucks is because your coach forgot who he's coaching.

The Chargers are a running team, built to support LT, and they aren't doing it. Instead, Turner has decided that Rivers is the new Favre (he isn't), and that Vincent Jackson is the new Jerry Rice (he isn't). To make things worse, this happens after they lose arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.

A little football 101 here, running is what you do to spend more time with the ball, known as "eating the clock." By eating the clock, your defense isn't out on the field as much, so they are fresher and able to make more plays when they are on the field. This does not happen when you pass all the time, as that does not "eat the clock."

To make things better, you need to get back to running. Stop blaming the O-line. They can't get a good rhythm going, that's why the holes aren't so good (and letting Neil go was a bad idea; you need to find someone to replace him). Get LT going again, and the whole team will turn itself around.

Like I said, this one's free, but for more advice you guys need to hire me as a consultant.

Next up, advice for the University of Washington on how to NOT let your best coaching candidates get away from you.



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