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Friday, January 30, 2009

DJ Hero coming....

Activision's boss announced today that DJ Hero is coming later this year. I must admit, I'm pretty excited.

As I've mentioned in the past, I am pretty much done with the Guitar Hero series. I liked it a lot right up until the third game, when all of a sudden I was just done with it. Their advertising didn't help my admiration of the series any.

But I'm totally enthusiastic about DJ Hero. Oakenfold gave his approval of it, so it can't be bad, right? Ok, one thing I am concerned about is who's going to be in it and what music are they going to have. I'll admit that.

DJ Tiesto's people say he's not in it (baaaad move, if true), and Oakenfold says he likes the game, but isn't officially attached to it. I think it'd be totally sweet if they had KJ Sawka in it, somehow. I know that'd be tough to do, but it'd be awesome. Maybe I'll have to wait until DJ Hero 2, when you can hook up the drums from Guitar Hero: World Tour. If they did have KJ Sawka (you need to buy his new album, it's awesome), it would be awesome if he was a "boss" character (if there's a semi-story progression, as they've done with some of the GH games).

I also have big hopes for the controller. I think it'd be awesome if they put together something similar to the Pioneer CDJ series (...licensing deal?...). They would probably need to simplify it a bit, but I think there's a real possibility there.

Another cool licensing idea might be the new Beats by Dre headphones from Monster. Every cool DJ needs a set of headphones. They could do apparel too, without too much trouble.

The list of talent they could get seems like it's a mile long. Hopefully they go beyond just simple Billboard stuff and get into some deep cuts. There are a ton of one-hit-wonder sorts of guys, guys who had something that was just mind-blowing, and then never followed it up with anything. That's the sort of acts that seem like they'd be easy to get. There are tons of Euro artists that seem like they aren't doing much of anything.

Hell, there hasn't been a Matrix movie in a while, I'm sure the Propellerheads need a little more residuals.

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  • ...and while I'm still sucking up every Guitar Hero/Rock Band game that comes along, I can't seem to feel interested here.

    Worth keeping an eye on, though.

    By Blogger Elwood, at 1/31/2009 1:51 AM  

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