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Friday, January 09, 2009

I am the Champion....

I forgot to mention, I won all of my Fantasy Football leagues this year. I said at the beginning of the year, my better is better than your better.

All four of the annual leagues I participate in I won. That includes my money league team which had been seemingly decimated by the loss of Tom Brady. Turns out that this year, while crazy, was, at its core, no different than any other year. Good management and prudent moves win championships. For me, this year, it won 4 of them.

Getting a new coach may have helped. Here's the motivational speech he gave to my teams:

Many people were glad to move on from 2008 and get into a new year, but I have to say, winning 4 out of 4 is pretty amazing. You don't just stumble into that. Obviously my triumphs don't make the entire year, but it was certainly awesome.

So I've been trying to decide which song best fits my domination:

I like the message, and the raucous crowd in this one:

With this one I certainly like Britney and Beyonce singing about rocking you, but it admittedly has a team-effort theme, which probably doesn't fit with a fantasy football triumph:

This one is really good, and fitting:

Really, winning it all, going 4 for 4, I think that qualifies for immortality. There can be only one!

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