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Sunday, February 22, 2009

For those of you who are enthusiastic about seeing a future Hall of Famer on the Mariners....

May I present Mr. Ichiro Suzuki.

If the Mariners wanted to make some money on jersey sales, they should sell an Ichiro Blue Wave jersey (since I think that one looks better than the Orix jersey). You'd think Orix would be ok with it, since they aren't even the Blue Wave anymore.

By the way, the sponsorship of Ichiro's page on Baseball Reference ends July first of this year. I should totally snag that. I want to grab the sponsorship of Edgar's page, but I know that as people are determining whether or not to vote him to the HoF, his page will get an enormous number of views. Since sponsorship prices change depending on page views, that will be an expensive proposition.

Had everyone's fav beat reporter at the Seattle Times received a ball like that, maybe he wouldn't be doing everything he could to make Ichiro seem like a bad guy. He was perfectly nice to me in 2002 when I asked him to sign a baseball.

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