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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Street Fighter 4 impressions....

SF4 is pretty awesome, I'll lead off by saying that much.

The graphics are great, the backgrounds are some of the best I've ever seen, and the characters are cool. I like the new characters, especially C.Viper. She seems like a Terry Bogard+ Geese Howard throwback, and I love it.

I picked up the Collector's Edition for the PS3 today, which it turns out is next to impossible to find. I think I got the last one available in The Puget Sound area. It was stupid how many places I had to call to try to find it. Also, the FightPad which I figured I would wait to pick up until it dropped in price, is very difficult to find, and impossible to find for the Xbox 360 (which makes sense, due to the horrible d-pad for that system's controller).

The game plays well with the standard PS3 controller. I found it easy to pull off hadoukens and shoryukens, and even the charge moves with characters like Guile (which I've never been good at). The biggest reason I picked the game up for the PS3 is because of the Dual Shock's d-pad versus the Xbox controller. I don't think that anybody at MS has used that d-pad, because if they had it would have been changed by now. It's easily the worst d-pad I've ever used. While playing SSF2THD I have about a 10% success rate for moves such as the shoryuken. That's just dumb, and it ain't because I don't know what I'm doing. So I felt compelled to pick the game up for the PS3.

I must admit that I was disappointed with the Ryu figure the game came with. If you wanted either special edition, and didn't put in a pre-order, just settle for the game by itself. The figure certainly doesn't add $20 worth of value. The Ryu figure does not have a base. He stands just fine without it, but that just further goes to show the quality of the figure. I haven't watched the Blu-Ray which came with the game, but I don't think that a 65 minute SF anime is going to rock my world. I don't regret buying the CE, but I don't know if I would do it the same way again if given the opportunity.

In terms of gameplay, overall I like the game. It's crisp, and they did an admirable job. But if you're a long-time hardcore SF player, there's a learning curve. For some reason, the CPU can walk through or brush off attacks at will. Plus there's little recovery time when you land hit or if your attacks are blocked, so the flow of the game and the balance is a lot different than the SF games of old. For new players, or people who haven't played a lot of SF, that's fine. For people who've put a lot of time into the various iterations of this series over the years, it's a tough adjustment. Take from that what you will; some people will say they should have been true to the fighting system, and others would say "new century, new style." Different strokes for diff'rent folks, I guess.

Overall, the game is good, and you should check it out.

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