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Monday, February 23, 2009

Vince DiCola's new song for the new Transformers film (RotF)....

Over on the TDRS Forum, they've posted an MP3 of a new song from Vince DiCola (Transformers, Rocky IV, etc) that Vince is hoping will be part of the soundtrack for the new Transformers film. The song is titled "Bound and Gaged" and features vocals from Rick Livingstone.

I was surprised to see the song pop up, mostly since DiCola hasn't done much high profile work in some time. They're hoping for fans (read: me) to post the song and try to drum up some grassroots support to help get the song included. I'm happy to help. In my opinion, the song isn't bad, and the strength of Mr. DiCola's resume alone should be enough to get it included on Revenge of the Fallen.

Have a listen here.

For those wondering, yes I have seen the RotF trailer. I intentionally did not watch the one during the Super Bowl, but I saw it when I watched Friday the 13th. Trailer looks good, but I've never wavered on the fact that I'm seeing the movie, so I wish that they'd stop showing me stuff from it. I'm going to see it either way.

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