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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look, man, just make the trade....

So even though it's March, I'm ready for Fantasy Football. That's probably because of my DOMINATING performance last year, but more so probably because I'm too competitive for my own good.

I've been intrigued recently by the Jay Cutler drama going on in Denver. That guy is one whiny baby. He needs to grow up and figure out that this is a business. Today ESPN is reporting that the conference call the Broncos had with Cutler exacerbated the "problems" they have. I think Bill Williamson's source is quite obviously Cutler's agent, but the problem is, they missed their opportunity for a trade. So what is he hoping to accomplish?

The Pats are stupid for not making the three-team deal involving Tampa Bay and Denver, moving Cutler to TB, Cassel to DEN, and NE getting a bunch of picks. With them passing on that trade, I think there's a new Belichick-hate-me drama brewing with Josh Daniels in Denver (like there was/is with Mangini). I don't see how the Pats give up a much better deal to let Cassel and Vrabel go for a 2nd round pick. But, Belichick has his pic taken with Marky Mark, so I can't say much bad about him.

What I'm saying is that Cassel is a better QB, and Cutler should be happy that he still has his job in Denver. I've got Cassel on my team, along with Brady, and I think that it'd almost be in my best interest to keep both of them. Talk about loaded. I've got the last pick in the draft, thanks to: crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, and hearing the lamentation of their women; but even with that my team is looking awesome.

LT is staying with San Diego. I think it's a good move for the team, but I think that LT may end up wishing he had left. AJ Smith obviously doesn't like or respect LT, and I they'll continue to shift the offense away from LT. Which is dumb, and not just because I have LT on my fantasy team. He's the engine that drives their offense, and they're going from a V12 (LT) to an I-4 (Rivers and his collection of bad WRs). Obviously they don't know that LT's better is better than your better.

If I keep Cassel and Brady, I should be able to avoid the Culpeppocalypse too. That'd be nice.

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