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Monday, March 09, 2009

Master and Commander....

The pic says it all.

Ichiro recently philosophized about how baseball is like Dragon Quest. His quote, as interpreted by Brian Ashcraft was,
In Dragon Quest tension increases, and you get stronger, right? It was like that.

I think he was talking about their Olympics loss to Korea increasing tension, but maybe he was talking about kicking the collective asses of the Koreans 14-2. The next game they lost to the Koreans 1-0, and with that loss came out of the Group A in second place. Japan is still my pick to win the WBC.

Maybe if the Mariners stopped whining about Ichiro making them all look bad, and listened to him more, they too could beat teams 14-2.

As far as the movie reference, I saw that movie opening night at the Cinerama, and I hated it. Why do people like Master and Commander? Do I need to give it another chance?

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  • I didn't like that movie either.

    Does baseball have a "Captain" system, like in hockey? They should just crown Ichiro and let him lead.

    By Blogger Elwood, at 3/10/2009 8:41 AM  

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