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Monday, March 02, 2009

Two words....

Mariners Monday. What a great idea that is.

Tonight was the April 7, 2000 game, aka "Welcome to Seattle, Mike Cameron!" It's always nice to see outfield defense. It'll be nice to see that again this year. Aside from Ichiro trying to defend all of the outfield (and getting blocked far too often by Raul), I forgot what that looked like.

I miss the classic Mariners teams. I mean, look back at the roster for 2001 or 2000 (sans Pay-Roid) or 1995. We had the best manager in modern baseball history. We had Sasaki as our closer! Larry Bowa was our Third Base Coach! Of course, that was supposed to happen again last year, but didn't thanks to Joe "we know him as A-Fraud" Torre. We had guys like Gipson, McLemore, and David Bell. And Edgar. We just don't have guys like that anymore. Maybe if we win this year, we'll look back at some of the guys that we have now similar to how we look back at the guys on those classic teams.

Of course we do still have the best player around, Ichiro. As long as he's around, baseball in Seattle is a beautiful thing.

I'm ready for baseball season now. Right now. In case you hadn't heard, the Mariners are undefeated in Cactus League play.

Two outs? So what! Sodo Mojo! Who let the dogs out?

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